2015-02-19 23:34:09 by SkittleQueen

Oh my Goodness Edd is Dead.

i cant believe he died at the end of 2012.

We Miss You Summert :C

2015-01-27 22:04:04 by SkittleQueen

 Hey you people, this is summert5364. My deviantart account is deactivated and I moved to another account like around the end of 2012 (my current username is 'burn-it-inthemorning'). 4:01 I'm really apologize that that link is like, '404 not found' for that Tord & devil Tord picture you guys really want. Pretty soon, when i go on to my other computer and find that picture, i will upload it to my new deviantart account and send a link for you guys... I have no idea when, but i will; My other computer isn't working well and I keep forgetting to remind my dad to fix it. And don't worry, I'll tell him when he's not really busy. Again, I apologize. :P